NEW Chocolate Collection

The most indulgent collection we’ve ever created!

Better Than Chocolate Eye Shadow Palette

Better Than Chocolate

Cocoa-Infused Eye Shadow Palette

18 decadent, chocolate-inspired shades & pops of deliciously bold candy color. Give in to your craving for our most indulgent palette ever!

Better Than Sex Easy Glide Waterproof Liquid Eyelinier - Chocolate

Better Than Sex - Chocolate

An eyeliner that’s better than sex AND chocolate? You’re not dreaming, this is the same 24 hour liquid eyeliner you love in a deep, rich, chocolate brown shade.

Lip Injection Maximum Plump - Chocolate Plump

Lip Injection Maximum Plump - Chocolate Plump

Extra Strength Instant & Long-Term Lip Plumper

Indulge in a brand-new cocoa-inspired shade of our most advanced lip plumping formula for instant & long-term plumping results & a kiss of cocoa-nude color.

The Chocolate Collection - Cocoa Bold EM-Power Cream Lipstick

Cocoa Bold Lipstick

EM-Power Pigment Cream Lipstick

Ditch those basic, boring nudes and indulge in fully-loaded nude cocoa colors with a decadent chocolate scent.